OptinMonster University Review 2019 (Learn To Grow Your Business)

OptinMonster is a tool which helps the user to attract potential customer. It is cloud-based software that was created in 2013 by Thomas Griffen and Syed Balkhi. They have come up with OptinMonster University, a training program for entrepreneurs, digital marketers, business owners, and marketing professionals to learn how to attract and convert website traffic into customers.

What is OptinMonster University?

It was initially built for WordPress to make attractive Opt-in forms, which will indirectly grow the user email list significantly. It was created by WPBeginner, so the user can be assured of its quality.

In a nutshell, if the user feels their website’s traffic is going down, then this tool will help them boost the traffic to a large extent.

So we have OptinMonster plugin which can drive traffic to our website and will eventually help the user to convert this traffic into potential customers. Then why do we need to opt for this OptinMonster University?

The people at OptinMonster believe that for a website to work at its full potential, it needs three things, i.e. Team, Tools, and training.

optinmonster university reviews

Now they have given us the tool in the form of this plugin, the people working in the OptinMonster Company are the user’s team.

The user will get the training from the University as every one of us is not an expert in running a website. That’s the training part of OptinMonster. After taking the course, the user will be well trained in the various aspects of running a website.

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History Behind Starting OptinMonster University

Thomas Griffen and Syed Balkhi founded the company. It is based in Florida, USA. Syed now acts as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) while Thomas is a Chief Technical Officer (CTO).

Prior to OptinMonster, Syed is also the founder of “WPBeginner”, and he is one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 according to the reports of United Nations.

Thomas is no exception he also founded “Soliloquy” (Fastest growing WordPress Slider plugin) and “Envira Gallery” (a responsive gallery plugin for WordPress).

In 2015, the company developed the “OptinMonster” app which is a SaaS lead generation software that can work on all web platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce.

Key Features of OptinMonster University

Exclusive Content:

Once the user enrolls in one of the courses in the University, they will provide him with all the eBooks, cheat sheets, templates, checklists, and other expert resources. This resource is only accessible by the OptinMonster University Students. So the users will not find those resources anywhere on the Internet.

Step by Step approach

Each course starts from the basic with the assumption that the student doesn’t know anything. This will be a game changer for fresher as they would learn everything in detail although some might think that this tactic is of no use for experts. But even expert can enroll in the course as it will be a type of revision at the start.

Expert Advice

Expert Advice is like the expert coming to the user’s home and revealing his secrets, and the user can ask him questions as well. They will help him out.

This is probably the best online course as the students would rarely see a team of experts pouring their knowledge in a course and then frequently clearing their doubts as well.

reviews of optinmonster university

Practical knowledge

Their courses also have a section regarding practical knowledge. It would basically be a test which the users have to perform on his website and submit the results.

It will help the user to grow his website, and along with that, they will also be able to see the positive result that they would get from the respective courses. Practical knowledge is essential which gives the user all the necessary experience.

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Case Studies

The courses also include a lot of case studies related to the OptinMonster plugin. These case studies are very helpful for the students and even motivates them n a lot of ways.

Some additional feature

  • They offer downloadable cheatsheets & checklists.
  • They provide a complete Library of eBooks and Guides.
  • The user gets Instant Unlimited Access.
  • The user gets free updates for one year.

enroll optinmonster university

Advantages of OptinMonster University

  • The users get the opportunity to learn from experts.
  • The user receives three Months of free OptinMonster Pro Software.
  • Covers specific topics which are very rare to find.
  • They produce top quality content.

Disadvantages of OptinMonster University

  • It is a comparatively new course.
  • OptinMonster University offers less number of courses.

OptinMonster University Pricing (How To Enroll)

Now we know that this course is useful for both beginners and advanced. But the price is on the higher end considering what other online courses offers. But they are offering multiple courses plus three months of free OptinMonster Pro Software which cost 199$ per year

optinmonster university pricing

On top of this, the user also gets free updates for one year. The price is on the higher end, but the benefits which they are providing are very much justified because this program is in its initial phase and will only improve with time.

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Looking at the track record of OptinMonster we can say that you must avail its services at least once.  According to OptinMonster previous product feedback, people have grown their email list by 200 – 300 %. Others have been able to add a lot of subscribers to their website through the OptinMonster plugin.

By seeing the topics and what they will cover looks promising and helpful as the user will get an insight into how the team at OptinMonster works. How much he has to work to grow and reach a certain level.

The only negative feature of OptinMonster is that it is very costly for some people. But as we said earlier, this product is improving day by day and will only get better with time. So the user must go through this article properly to know everything about OptinMonster University.

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