How OptinMonster Exit-Iintent Feature Can Increase Your Conversion Rates

According to an estimate, its found that 70% of people who leave your website will NEVER return back. That’s really a big number to ignore.

So whatever efforts you put to Sell your product or Grow your email list should work before a visitor leaves your website else he will be gone forever.

Well.. The solution : Optinmonster’s Exit intent Technology. If you haven’t already heard of Optimonster, it is a Lead Generator or List builder Plugin for WordPress which works great and helps you in building email lists fast.

Optinmonster exit intent optin

Exit intent is a new feature of Optinmonster, which observes the user behavior and when it detects that the user was about to leave the site, it shows a popup prompting the visitor to Subscribe or Buy a product or other Powerful call-to-action you want to show.

How can Exit-Intent feature Boost your conversion rates

Even though it seems Plain from outside, Exit-Intent feature of Optinmonster constitutes of some brilliant hacks of Human Psychology and Behavior.

Below are the certain ways that Optinmonster’s Exit intent feature can add about an additional of 2-4% growth in your subscriber list and conversion rate :

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  1. By Converting visitors that you have Lost otherwise

Obviously, the main intention of Exit-Intent Technology is to grab those Abandoning visitors into Subscribers and Customers.

Sometimes even if the visitor likes your content, he may not be converted into subscriber because of Short attention span. If you show a popup to subscribe when he/she was leaving, you can actually grab their attention and make them subscribe.

To take another instance : Cart abandonment, which is the situation when a visitor adds something to the cart but leaves without buying.

Now as he doesn’t want to buy anyway, you can ask him to leave his email address to inform about any special offers and price drops. And you may turn this subscriber into a customer in future.

  1. By Appearing at the Less distractive and Right time

If you observe, you realize that more that half of the Blogs and E-commerce sites use Entry Popups or that appear after few seconds. This makes it somewhat to very much distraction.

How can you ask a person to do you a favor (Subscription or a Sale) even before he consumes your content?

Entry popups work the same way. They appear at the wrong time while user actually reading your content, and the user ignores it, thus resulting in losing a subscriber.

On the other hand Exit intent popups appear only when the user was about to leave your website (the right time to ask for a favor).

So as he actually experienced your content, if likes it he won’t hesitate to leave his Email address or Buy your Product.

  1. By Giving you the Amazing Second chance

This is the best part about Exit Intent popups. It gives you a second chance to Convey your message and Converts your visitor which you actually failed to do in first chance.

There are myriad of ways you can make use of this second chance:

  1. You can offer a freebie in Return for an Email address.
  2. You can offer an extra discount than first encouraging the visitor to Buy
  3. You can show products in cart reminding them to checkout
  4. Convey a message in a different way

This can be taken further used with advanced techniques for more benefits. Exit intent feature is really a “Treasure” given that you use an effective Call-to-Action and offer a great content or product.

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