Why You Need WordPress Opt-in Popup Plugin To Build Email List

Why You Need WordPress Opt-in Popup Plugin To Build Email List
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By the time you are reading this article, I am sure you have started researching why every blogger is stretching on building an email list? But why you should have an email newsletter for your blog? And what are the benefits of building an email list? This is the article where I will tell you why you should build an email list and how to do that effectively, as this is one of the key pillar to get success in affiliate marketing.

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In my initial years of blogging, like every beginner I just concentrate too much on on writing content and building traffic. Never thought that the user who is vising my website today how to bring him/her back again? Here comes the magic of email list building. You can capture the email id of the visitor and then update with future articles via email notification only.

But here is the big Question ??? Why someone will share his/her email id with you to read your blog post? This is what I am going to discuss here and also tell a simple WordPress Opt-in Popup Plugin can magically turn things positive for you and build a huge email list within short period of time.

What is WordPress Opt-in Popup Plugin?

You might have seen many catchy email subscription form in the widget area where your visitors can provide their email id and subscribe to the newsletter. But here the question is why user is going to share their email ids here. Even if you write some unique content and awesome research with case studies, users will enjoy and may leave your page in case don’t offer them or tell them to subscribe for further updates.

Most of the static forms are just useless as they always depend on visitors self-interest only. But if you put an Opt-in Popup form or box while visitor is reading or trying to leave the website after reading the content or on reaching on the landing page by welcoming a mail box, then chances much more higher that visitor will share their email ids.

According to Optinmonster, a 600% jump in email subscription is possible. Now that’s what I call a perfect email list building strategy. Don’t know what is Optinmonster? Then please check out Optnimonster Site now only.

How To Build a Email List Using WordPress Opt-in Popup Plugins

Now there are many popular email list building tools are available with which one can run their email list building campaign to get more customers access. Few of the popular such opt-in plugin providers are Aweber, Optinmonster, thriveleads, Plugmatter etc.

You just have to sign up with any of them and build your first email opt-in form. If you ask us, we will recommended Optinmonster as one of the best email list building WordPress Opt-in Popup Plugin.


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