Comparison Between Thrive Leads and OptinMonster

Comparison Between Thrive Leads and OptinMonster
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OptinMonster and Thrive leads are the two common most powerful opt-in form builder and list building plugins or tools available in the market. There are some criteria used for comparing these two such as major differences, features, marketing tools and the pricing.

Major Differences: The most popular list building and opt-in form builder available is the OptinMonster. The OptinMonster has been around for a while longer than most of its other competitors which make it one of the most popular lead generation tool that is currently being used. It is not only available for WordPress but also available for several other popular website building platforms. Thrive Lead, on the other hand, is growing really fast in the market despite being a new plugin and it is only available for self-hatred WordPress users.

Major features: Both OptinMonster and Thrive Lead offers a simple drag and drop form of a builder with a complete ready to use templates which can be used directly for your site. However, the Thrive Leads give more flexibility than the OptinMonster. Also, both Thrive Leads and OptinMonster offers a seamless HTML and API integration with every email marketing service providers.

Marketing Tools and Metrics: Both OptinMonster and Thrive Lead offers some really powerful and useful conversion optimization analysis and metrics of their own. The continuous addition of new amazing features is what makes the Thrive Leads one of an essential opt-in forms of building tools to use. It has a full suite of built-in A-B testing reports, lead referral reports, conversion reports, content marketing reports and lots more. The OptinMonster, on the other hand, offers content marketing reports and conversion reports.

Pricing: The OptinMonster has annual billing while on the other hand, the Thrive Leads has a one-time billing structure. Both the merits and  the demerits of these two are also considered relevant when it comes to comparing them.

The merits of OptinMonster are:

  • It is easy to integrate into a WordPress website using dedicated plugins for API and authentication.
  • OptinMonster is available for all website platforms that is built on HTML and not only WordPress.
  • OptinMonster has a lot of built-in conversation optimization tools and list of features.

The demerits are:

  • OptinMonster is not the most affordable solution as it is not cost effective.
  • The basic plan of OptinMonster only gives one access to very limited features.
  • With OptinMonster, there are limited elements which are available in the form of the builder.
  • The OptinMonster forms are usually in ready to use form and cannot be edited.

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Also, Thrive Leads have some merits and demerits as well.

The merits are:

  • Thrive Leads have ready-made templates that can be customized and edited.
  • It has a one-time affordable payment which gives full access to the plugin plans.
  • The Thrive membership or developer plan is available to Web designers.
  • There’s full conversion analysis, reports, and metrics.
  • Thrive Leads is easy to integrate into WordPress website with the use of dedicated plugins.

The demerits are:

  • It is only available for WordPress self-hosted sites.
  • The user interface of the Thrive Leads which appears attractive tends to be confusing at times until you are familiar with it.

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The above-aforementioned points among others are the major points that can be used to compare both Thrive Leads and OptinMonster.

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